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About the ATFA

 The AFTA  (American Treeing Feist Association) was organized in 1985 as a  non-profit organization existing for the sole purpose of promoting and  developing the Feist as a tree dog and for gaining recognition for the  Feist as a separate breed.  At all times ATFA upholds the ideals of  honesty and integrity in all organizational affairs.
     ATFA is  governed by its own Constitution and headed by an Executive Committee.   The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President,Board  of Directors and Secretary/Treasurer - Membership/Registration  Secretary.  The Board of Directors consisting of six elected members is  the legislative branch of the Association. 


History of the Feist Breed

The Feist has a historical background dating back  to the American Indians and the Early Colonial Period.  The little dogs  are used primarily for treeing climbing game.  Some have been used in  bear hunting, turtle hunting, turkey hunting, wild boar hunting, raccoon  hunting, opossum hunting and as a flush dog for wing shooting, in  addition to squirrel hunting.       The Feist has also gained  recognition in working cattle and hogs.  They make excellent companions  for all people, but especially for children and the elderly.
     The  Feist is a premier guard dog known for its courage and tenacity.   Stories abound relating the willingness of the little dogs to fight to  their deaths in protection of their masters.  The bonding trait of the  Feist gives them an overwhelming desire to please their masters.
      One of the outstanding traits of the Feist is found in its excellence  as a squirrel dog.  They possess the ability to use the senses of sight,  smell, and hearing in pursuit of squirrels.  It is for this reason that  the Feist is fast becoming one of the most sought-after squirrel dogs  in the world.