A dog must meet the breed standards listed:

-Keen to slightly stocky body.

-Short ears, slightly hung down, flopped, or straight are acceptable. Cocked ears are ideal.

-Long muzzle keen.

-Good strong legs, bench legs are acceptable.

-Full length tail; stub tail will not prevent registration

-Black, white, tan, red, yellow to lemon, or any variations of foregoing colors.

-Height: Males 10” to 18” ; Females 10” to 17”

-Weight: 30 pounds maximum

-Good coat of hair; short; no long or shaggy haired dogs.

-Free gait; hunts with eyes and ears alert.

-Virtually silent on track

-Shall tree squirrel or coon— game must be seen.

If your dog meets these requirements and you would like to register your dog with the ATFA please fill the inspection form out completely.

The  height and weight requirements are to be performed by a current or  former member of the ATFA board of directors.  The current list of  directors  can be found on the website.  Also a member in good standing will need  to sign off on the dog treeing. A color picture of the left and right  side of the dog must be attached for registration.

Please  fill the inspection form out as completely as possible.  The inspection  form can be printed from our website. Please print legibility to prevent error from penmanship. 

The cost of registration is $10.00 and there is a $5.00 transfer fee for transfer of ownership. 

***Currently  if you change the registered name of the dog during a transfer the dog  will lose any point’s accumulated during ATFA hunts prior to the name  change.

Send Registration forms to:

Jimmy Reynolds

PO BOX 232 

Greenbrier, AR 72058

ATFA Registration Form