2018-2019 Breeder of the Year - Keith Landrum

ATFA Breeder of the Year Program

1. Breeder must be a current member of the ATFA.

 2.  The breeder must  be listed on the ATFA registration.  If this information was omitted  when the dog was originally registered, the breeder may pay the transfer  fee of $5.00 and have the papers updated. The points will only count  from the transfer date forward. 

3.  To be  included in the Breeder of the Year race, the breeder must have more  than one dog that has accumulated points for the year.

4.   Points will be accumulated in the same process as the Dog of the Year  points.  1st - 40, 2nd - 35, 3rd - 30, 4th - 25, 5th - 20, 6th - 15, 7th  - 10, 8th 9th 10th -5 for Rally Hunts.  1st - 40, 2nd - 35, 3rd - 30,  4th - 25, 5th - 20 for the Regional Hunts.

5.  The Breeder of the Year will be recognized on a page in the ATFA yearbook paid for by the ATFA.

6.  Dogs that are co-owned by the breeder(s) will have points issued to each owner separately.

7.  The Breeder of the Year race will accumulate points for all hunts that consist of the ATFA hunt season.

8.  The breeder may have one or multiple females in which their offspring are accumulating points for the breeder.

9.   In case of a points tie, the tie breaker will be the breeder with the  most dogs qualified.  If still a tie, it will be the breeder with the  greater number of placements.  If a tie exists, it will be the breeder  with the highest hunt placements.

Above is a list of guidelines established by the Breeder of the Year Committee and approved by the ATFA Board of Directors.

Breeder of the Year Winners

2018-2019 - Keith Landrum

2017-2018 - Keith Landrum

2016-2017 - Keith Landrum

2015-2016 - Willard Crumpton

2014-2015 - Tony Kellar